Dear Families,

Hope Early Learning Centres will be providing children access to a Pre Prep program for children attending school the following year.

Our PrePrep teachers hold Bachelor of Education degrees and come with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will allow them to continue to implement a program both exciting and innovative to Hope ELC.

Our aim for your child is for them to have developed all of the skills necessary to be successful in their first year of school. Within our Pre Prep Program we are aiming to provide children with an educational curriculum that stands out from other preschools/kindergartens around.

We will provide children with an environment that is stimulating, engaging and inviting and promote communication through discussions with children to enhance their ownership and sense of belonging within the learning environment and assist in guiding their interest in an educational direction.

Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Creative Arts and more will be imbedded into many aspects of the program. Technology also is another subject in which children will have access to and with teacher support will give children the opportunity to gain confidence further develop their skill set.  Exposing children to these subjects prior to commencing school will give them an introduction into these learning areas and will better equip them for the future.

We understand that the difference between early childhood facilities and expectations vary greatly to those of primary schools and therefore when developing our Pre-Prep Program an emphasis will placed on School Readiness and preparing the children for this transition.

For further information please contact the centre and speak to our centre director or one of our lovely Pre Prep teachers.